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Posted by Thepartyanimals ltd on Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The events we offer are extremely fun and very hands on so you will be able to get really up close and personal with our animals and handle some unusual species, all while gaining good knowledge about them.​

Common Q&A's for Parties

Q1. What is the maximum amount of people allowed to participate in the parties?

A1. 1hr 12 participants, 2hr 24 participants, 3hr 30 participants, but the requirements are 1 adult per every six children at all times during kids birthday parties, simply because of the amount of animals we have to keep control of. We are unable to monitor all the children aswell

Q2. Is food okay in the same room as the animals?

A2. Yes, but it is recomended for food to be eaten at the end after all the animals are securely away, because some of the animals will pick up the scent of food and be more temperamental.

Q3. Can we request for you not to bring certain animals to the parties?

A3. Absolutely Yes, We do understand that some people have fears with certain species of animals, However we do offer 'Face-your-Fear' sessions. We also accept request for certain animals to come but this is limited to 1 or 2 animals only as we can have multiple bookings on a day that could also have their own requests and we aim to bring a variety of animals to parties

Q4. Can we split the party and take a break in the middle to allow time for children to eat?

A4. Yes you can but the break you choose to take will be taken off of the booked amount of time. For example if you book a 2hr party and request a 30 minute food break, we will do 45 minutes prior to eating and 45 minutes after there is also time taken up as everyone will need to wash their hands and reapply our hand gel.

Q5. Are we able to have a couple more participants than the restricted amount stated?

A5. Yes you can however due to insurance we charge £2.50 per extra participant over the restricted limit. For example if you book a 1hr party (limit of 12 participants) and you wanted 15 participants the total would be £160 + £7.50 to cover the extra participants, also doing so will mean we can't spend as long with each animal to compensate for the extra participants present also there is a possibility of us leaving certain animals out.

ThePartyAnimals ltd is a family business ran by Lee, Amanda and son, Callum Richardson, all of whom are extremely passionate about animals and have kept many different species of animals for a number of years. Here at ThePartyAnimals ltd we take great pride in educating people of all ages about the many different types and species of animals we have available at our parties and events.



Fantastic as always. :D Stevie and Callum were very patient with a bunch of loud 9 year old boys. One boy has disabilities and they were perfect with him. Their patience with him allowed him to remain calm enough to actually touch a snake for the 1st time in his life. He has a fear of animals. They were brilliant with all the children. Very knowledgeable about every animal. Couldn't have had a more perfect party of fun and education the perfect balance of both. Thank you again. I would highly recommend this company for any parties. Very friendly staff and amazing variety of animals. There really is something for everyone  :D x "

Are you looking to make new memories with friendly animal experiences? ThePartyAnimals Ltd can arrange for encounters with fun and friendly animals. We can bring exotic pets for parties and events in Leicester and Cambridgeshire. For amazing animal experiences at parties in Leicester and Cambridgeshire, call the experts at ThePartyAnimals Ltd.

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