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Animal Encounter


Excellent Value For Money

Animal and Reptile Boarding Service

Planning a trip away? We can provide a home from home for your pet reptiles and small animals.

You can rest assured they'll be safe in our hands.

They ran a fantastic event for us with a wide selection of clearly very well cared and loved animals. The team were very knowledgeable, keeping children and adults of all ages engaged throughout the session, answering questions and providing a range of education. Being up close and personal with the animals gave everyone additional insight into them. Our family and friends would highly recommend them. Thanks to the team who visited us.​"

DBS Checked

Contact ThePartyAnimals Ltd for an animal-themed birthday party in Leicester and Gloucestershire.

We are:

First Aid Trained

Accredited by the Guild of Animal Professionals

Lizzie Cooper

Fully Licensed 

Fully Insured

Highly Knowledgeable

Animal & Reptile Boarding Prices

All the Boarding prices bellow are priced at a daily rate

We do Not board Dogs, Cats or any DWA Animals as we do not have the licenses to do so.


Bosc Monitors £4.00

Bearded Dragons, and other common Agamids - £3.00

Geckos -​ £2.00​

Other Large Lizards P.O.E



Royal Pythons £2.50

Cornsnakes, and other colubrids - £2.00

Other Large Constrictors ​P.O.E



Tortoises ​£3.00

Rabbits ​£2.00

Ferrets £2.00

Guinea Pigs £1.50

Small Rodents - £1.00

Inverts / Arachnids 50p

​All Terms and Conditions Apply