Less is More!

Our parties do involve live animals and we need to make it the right enviroment for them in order to keep them happy and content, loud noises (including music) and animals do not mix, for this reason we do need loose balloons out of the room that we will be showing the animals in and any inflatables (bouncy castles etc.) need to be deflated as the fans create a lot of noise and vibrations that the animals do not like.

These can also create a huge distraction for younger audiences with a shorter attention span.

Also make sure you read the Terms & Conditions which a link can be found on almost every page on this website Alternatively this is sent with the invoice via email.

I can not begin to thank you all enough for attending my daughters 7th birthday party today. We all had a thoroughly amazing time and you explained with confidence about the animals in a kid friendly way which they understood. Even the adults learnt a thing or two. Your are my number one stop for parties as you are very reasonably priced, no hidden extras, your animals are very well cared for which is plain to see and your staff are so enthuisastic about the work they do. Total joy to of had you here today."

Dress for the Occasion!

We all love to dress up sometimes! However as Pretty as Princess dresses are and as Cool as Superhero costumes are, unfortunately some of our animals don't agree. Some of our animals are especially attracted to shiny and glittery things. Teddys and Toys are also not suitable to have within the handling area as some of the animals may also want to play with them, Another thing to consider is net skirt/dresses and claws.

Upon Arrival

Please make sure we have a spot to park as close as possible to the building/venue that the party/event is held at, as sometimes we can have some big/heavy boxes to bring in.

We will also need a clear path through to the room to allow us to bring the animals in.

If your venue is tucked out the way / difficult to find balloons tied to fences or road openings or signs can be helpful for our drivers to look out for. 

Have a more Personal Experience!

Although our parties have a maximum participant limit to ensure there is enough time to get through all the amazing and wonderful animals. We do reccomend staying below this limit as this will give you more time with each individual animal making it a much more personal expirience!

Krista Joanne Graham

‚ÄčExtra Information

This page is full of tips and tricks to help your party run smoothly

Food for Thought

A lot of the animals we bring  (especially the cute and fluffy ones) are very food orientated, some of these have natural instincts to try and eat food whenever they come accross it and food will become the animals main focus and they will do everything in their power to get to the food, for this reason we ask that we can be as far away from food as possible and we do not consume any food or drink whilst the animals are being displayed as the animals can become completely different when food is actively about, this can become a safety issue.

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