Blue Pied

Veilled Chameleon

Meller's Chameleon

Anerythristic Corn Snake


Ground Squirrel

​Currently Unavailable

Albino Striped Skunk

Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula

Red Rump Tarantula

Chile Rose Red Tarantula

*Some Animals may NOT be available for parties and events at all times*

All snakes can be handled although some are aggressive and

only available at adult parties and public displays 

​Not ALL animals are suitable for ALL ages 

please ask for advice on your childs age range

(Please Enquire upon booking)

Mammals, Avians & Rodents
Lizards & Snakes

Indonesian Snake

Neck Turtle

Amphibians & Chelonians
Insects/Arthropods etc.

There are New and Exciting animals arriving all the time...

Chile Rose Tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula

Red Pastel Arabesque

Boa Constrictor

Salmon Pink Bird

Eating Tarantula

African Rock Python

Florida Everglade

Snapping Turtle

Tanuki (Raccoon Dog

Bull Snake

Granite Back

Reticulated Python

Albino Bull Snake

Burmese Python

Mexican Green Iguana

Albino Khal Strain

Boa Constrictor

Dumeril's Ground Boa

Savannah Monitor

Red-foot Tortoise

Albino Burmese Python

Yellow Anaconda

Ring Tailed Raccoon

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Albino Giant African

Land Snail

Map Turtle


Burmese Python

Leopard Tortoise

Senegal Parrot

Caramel Striped

Corn Snake

Argus Monitor

Please note we do have set groups of animals for set age ranges, we also aim to bring a variety of different animals. We do accept requests but for 1 or 2 animalsONLY

Asian Palm Civet

Greater Tenrec

Hermann's Tortoise

Coati Mundi

Columbian Rainbow Boa

Mexican Red Iguana

Cape Genet

Classic Striped Skunk

Nile Monitor

African Horned

Baboon Tarantula

Amelanistic Corn Snake

Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

Curly Hair Tarantula

Blaze Kingsnake

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Western Hognose Snake

Crested Gecko

Charcoal Corn Snake

Aberrant Kingsnake

Horsefield Tortoise

Barn Owl

Leopard Gecko

Red Fox

Common Boa Constictor

Coastal Carpet Python


Albino African

Pygmy Hedgehog

Yellow Belly Turtle

Red Ear Turtle

Red Claw Scorpion

Madagascan Giant

Hissing Cockroach

Giant African Land Snail

Olive House Snake

Lutino Cockatiel

​Currently Unavailable

Crawl Cay Boa Constrictor

Reticulated Python

I booked The party animals for our end of season session at 1st Kibworth Rainbows. Booking was easy and I was given helpful information of what the session would include. They arrived promptly and brought lots of animals. More than I expected. We had 20 5-7 yrs girls which mixed levels of confidence. The handlers were friendly, warm and encouraging to the girls. They were very knowledgeable about the animals and clearly cared greatly about the animals. The one hour session was great fun, educational and really enjoyable. Thank you on behalf of 1st Kibworth Rainbows.​"

English Lop

Aimee HarrisonWild

Display Only

Florida Whip Spider

Giant African Bullfrog

Display Only

Display Only

Display Only

Carolina Corn Snake

Blue Tongued Skink

Salmon Boa Constrictor

Texas Albino Bug

Eyed Rat Snake

Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula


Green Anaconda

Silver X Red Fox

Silver Fox

List Accurate to


Laos Forest Scorpion

Display Only

Gopher Snake

Display Only

Chinese Hourglass Spider

​Currently Unavailable

Bredli Python

Lavender Albino 

Reticulated Python

Blue Eyed Leucistic

'White' Tanuki

Chocolate Striped Skunk

Corsac Fox

Gambian Giant

Pouched Rat

Virginia Oppossum

Frilled Lizard

Mexican Black Kingsnake

Spur-Thighed Tortoise

Sudan Plated Lizard

Display Only

Snow Corn Snake

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Kenyan Sand Boa

Black Tailed

Prairie Dog

Cuban Knight Anole

***Not all Tarantulas and Scorpions are available for Handling please check when requesting animals***

Argentinian Black &

White Tegu

Brazilian White Knee Tarantula

Chinese Water Dragon

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Asian Water Monitor

Display Only

Display Only

Granite Burmese Python

Royal Python

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Veilled Chameleon

Jungle X Coastal

Carpet Python

Fennec Fox

Common Tenrec

UK Hedgehog

Tanzanian Blue Leg Centipede

Lesser Tenrec

Borneo Black Tarantula

Vietnamese Giant


Hypomelanistic Boa Constrictor


Reticulated Python

Honduran Milk Snake

Californian Kingsnake

Arctic Fox

Dwarf Striped 

African Bullfrog