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Common Boa Constrictor

Common Boa Constricor (BCI)

Newborn Common Boa Constrictors are approximately 18 inches. Adults average between 5-9ft, although some large females may reach lengths of 12ft.
The background colour is tan with large dark ruby red patterns running along the dorsal of the body, this darken towards the tail. A diamond pattern runs down each side of the body, usually with a lighter pattern inside. They have a dark line running from the nose, through the eye and towards the neck. Youngsters are normally brighter in colouration, they starts to darken with age.
With regular handling, Common Boa Constrictors and become very tame. Caution should always be taken with snakes over 5ft and it is recommended to have two people while feeding and cleaning.
On average, this snake will live for approximately 20-30 years, one has been recorded at 40 years of age.